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About Advancement

A reminder to all Scouts that in order to advance in rank, you must complete your rank requirements and then ask Mr. Murray for a Scoutmaster's Conference. Be in full uniform and bring your Scout manual so you can show that you have completed all the required items. Sign-offs of the requirements are performed by non-related adult leaders.

After a successful conference with Mr. Murray, contact Mr. Weddle to request a Board of Review. You will receive an appointment confirmation via email. Usually the BOR is conducted immediately following a Committee meeting, which is held once a month. Present yourself in full uniform at the BOR and don't forget your Scout manual!

Rank and merit badge emblems are awarded as soon as possible after the Scout has earned them. You will receive the Parent's pin and Rank card and your copy of the completed Blue Card and Merit Badge Award Card at the next Court of Honor.

Mr. Murray

Mr. Weddle


About those Merit Badge Blue Cards

Blue cards are one of several very important items that you will need to fill out correctly and keep safe for your entire Scouting career. Ask Mr. Weddle if you have any questions regarding Blue Cards. Steps to follow when starting a merit badge:

1. Ask Mr. Murray for a Blue Card before you start working on a Merit Badge. He will sign and date the Blue Card and help you find a Merit Badge counselor.
Put your first and last name on it and fill it out to the best of your ability. Don't forget to write down the name of the Merit Badge you're working on.
3. Make sure the Merit Badge counselor completes their part of the Blue Card.
When the counselor signs it off as complete, they may or may not keep their copy of the card.  In any case, give the entire Blue Card to Mr. Weddle for recording.
5. Your copy of the Blue Card has the sign-offs and will be returned to you at the next Court of Honor when you receive the official Merit Badge Card. These two cards are generally kept together in your plastic badge holder page in your Scout binder.
6. We will give you the Merit Badge patch that you earned as soon as possible after you turn in your completed Blue Card to Mr. Weddle. If that doesn't happen, you will receive it at the next Court of Honor.
7. Keep your copy of the Blue Card in a safe place. It's your proof that all work was completed for that Merit Badge.


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